Mallard Estates - West Tennessee’s Duck Mecca

About Mallard Estates

We have a tremendous amount of hunting options at Mallard Estates. One of our many farms, the Brownsville Farm, is our most intensively managed and most productive farm for hunting and is less than 10 minutes from the Cabin. This farm borders the Hatchie River National Wildlife Refuge for several miles and encompasses approximately 5,000 acres of managed farmland in Brownsville, Tennessee. The Hatchie NWR is approximately 11,000 acres and provides sanctuary to wintering waterfowl. Refuge numbers average 80,000 ducks in late season to over 100,000 ducks at times. The Brownsville Farm is predominately used for soybean production, but we have set aside a large portion of the farm for wildlife management. There are hundreds of acres of reforested bottomland hardwoods and mature bottomland hardwoods with fields, food plots, and waterfowl impoundments interspersed.

The Brownsville Farm features several impoundments that are managed for waterfowl habitat. All impoundments are shallowly flooded with most being less than 18” in depth. Various varieties of corn and various species of millets are planted as grain foods for waterfowl, and some impoundments are managed for naturally occurring moist soil plants which provide excellent early season food sources for waterfowl. The Brownsville Farm also features a variety of naturally flooded areas such as oxbow lakes and beaver ponds that are made up of dense cover and provide excellent resting and roosting areas. When river levels rise, hundreds of acres are naturally flooded on the farm and range in habitat types including timber and agricultural fields. Several acres of harvested corn at higher elevations also provide additional food for waterfowl during prolonged periods of below freezing temperatures.

A large portion of the Brownsville Farm is enrolled in the Wetlands Reserve Program which contributes to countless acres of waterfowl habitat in West Tennessee and the southeast United States. WRP lands provide excellent habitat for waterfowl during their fall and winter migration. They also provide great food sources as waterfowl prepare for their spring return to their breeding grounds, not to mention the perfect nesting habitat for turkeys!

Mallard Estates provides a variety of hunting styles to suit your needs and to stay on top of the birds. There are permanent blinds situated in our “hot spots” that provide comfort and the assurance of successful hunting day in and day out. At times, options to wade in flooded timber or use portable blinds on field edges and in thick cover become available depending on rainfall and bird activity. Since we have the option of pumping water into our impoundments, and most are available to ducks during the early season when we support good numbers of early migrating ducks with growing numbers as season advances. Most of our farms are within close proximity to the Cabin, so travel will be a minimal portion of your time spent at Mallard Estates.

When hunting the Brownsville Farm and most other farms at Mallard Estates, you can expect to predominately harvest Mallards. There are many opportunities to harvest other species. Early season hunting (pre-Christmas) typically produces more of a mixed bag, whereas late season hunting (post-Christmas) usually results in very successful Mallard hunting with a few other species to add “bonus” birds to your bag. Canada geese are occasionally harvested on Brownsville Farm, with Snow geese and White-fronted geese being more common on some of our other farms.

For the 2014 turkey season and 2014-2015 waterfowl season, Mallard Estates will be accepting a limited # of clients at an "introductory rate". These introductory rates are significantly less than future rates. Book in the first year with us and we will provide you with the same rate for 2-3 consecutive seasons (packages vary on “lock in” rates). This introductory pricing feature is simply to show our appreciation to those that are supporting us in our first years. We recommend jumping on this opportunity early or we will fill these spots very quickly.

We can assure you that your time with our well-experienced and professional guides, exceptional hunting, and hospitable catering will be no less than an enjoyable and memorable experience. At Mallard Estates we will do whatever it takes to make your visit enjoyable and successful in and out of the field.

Thanks for your support and interest, all of us at Mallard Estates appreciate it greatly!